tiny music
by ian manire

with guitar, piano, voice, keys, violin, mandolin, bass, accordian, found sounds, radio, banjo. recorded improvisationally, like found sculpture: one piece added to another until it seems finished, usually in a day or two.

the irish sea
oxford, england | february, 2001 | 28min | 26.0mb
simple, quiet, pretty. my favourite.

little rock, arkansas, u.s.a. | september, 2001 | 40 min | 24.6mb
violin, electronic noise, beats. second favourite

a where was & isn't anymore
conway, arkansas, u.s.a. | december, 1999 | 25min | 17.2mb
night, midwestern highways, winter.

saying goodbye, you close your eyes
conway, arkansas, u.s.a. | march, 2000 | 26min | 18.8mb
the contented springtime album.

windmill road
oxford, england | december, 2000 | 24min | 17.9mb
textures, some pretty, some ambient.

under shooting stars ep
little rock, arkansas, u.s.a. | august, 1999 | 19min | 11.4mb
first attempt at recording. painfully earnest.

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