After sitting back for fall semester at Tech, Daniel's invitation to Mardi Gras was irresistable. In a 4 bedroom apartment off of St. Charles, I slept with more people than I can remember. That's partially due to the fact that I was drunk the entire time I was there and that there was more people than floorspace. I got some play and Daniel got a reputation!

Two partygoers (Brody and Daniel) have breakfast in our NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana) flat. That's not cereal in those bowls!!

Fortunately public transportation was available during the Mardi Gras celebration. Pictured from left to right: Jenny, Meredith, Suzzane, and Andy (the gracious host).

St. Patricks Day weekend in Atlanta. Chad had guests from Duke University which we took out on the town. Pictured from left to right: Sara, Heather, Chad, and me.

Here are two ducks in Piedmont Park. A good picture - yes? Well sometimes it's not what's in the picture that counts.

The lucky few and me, at Cottage 43 on Sea Island for one wild weekend. I love the beach. I decided to grow some 'burns - more evident in the next picture.

Here I am in the worlds smallest dorm room at the College of Charleston in SC. The security was tight, but not tight enough!! Pictured from left to right: Rachel, me, Erica, Jenifer, and Daniel.

Jenifer and Daniel. Shh!! Be Quiet!! I'm recording something!! Now are these two people working out or... :)