Towards he end of my sophomore year I managed to fenagle my way into an appartment on campus. Jacob was a new suitemate who made me realize that although I loved movies, I didn't know nearly as much as him about them. He also welcomed me to the wonderful world of cooking and poker. Ashley (Jacob's "friend") showed me how to piss off bouncers in Buckhead and padded my ego with such amicable nicknames as "horndog."

I went to visit San Francisco and Corinne at Stanford. California is like nowhere on earth in terms of physical beauty. It's definately worth checking out sometime in your life. Great food, beautiful views, and somewhat flakey people!

I backpacked through Europe summer of '99. This was my second day out of the U.S. in Madrid, Spain. Already, as you can see, I had made myself at home.

In Pamplona, we saw la Fiesta de San Fermin (the running of the bulls). I have never seen such a street party in my life. It made "crazy" Mardi Gras become simply Mardi Gras in comparison.

Even after chasing bulls... we had testosterone left over. What can I say?

Amsterdam. A city that held all kinds of "beauty" within it's canals - Van Gogh, Heineken, Coffee, and marvelous Red Lights.

Chad and I took our EuroPass to it's limits - Prague and Budapest. You have no idea how big, beautiful, and wild the world is until you've spent some time trying to span it. To everyone I met along my travels: Thank You.