Grant's lame-ass home page

Danny Christian tells me to write a damn web page, so I am.
Danny Christian, you're a fucker.
Even though Danny's Christian's a fucker, you should go to his page, Fin's Page

I'm a brother and founding father of the Georgia Beta Chapter of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity.
Chapter Homepage
National Homepage

The only part of this web page that is worth a damn is probably my Music Page I actually worked on something new. Check out my Movies Page
This web page is hosted by Angband Clockwatching

Wow, actual original content to this webpage. Check out my My Picture Page to see my skill (or lack thereof) with digital photography.

One more thing for Matt.

I'm not a fucker, so mail me if you aren't one either.

A link to my real webpage can be found here.