And We Know Time...

I took a roadtrip back in the Spring of '96 with my then roommate and good friend Sam. Both of those relationships have ended now; the first to coincidence, and the second to my carelessness.

For accompaniment we took along an eighty pound concrete statue of Sidhartha Gotama The Buddha, my fixation at the time; still an all around badass icon, Roadbear, who we had sort of stolen from a girl named Claire, and Bob, a 1979 Mercedes Benz 280ce. We documented this journey with a Poloroid camera and kept meticulous notes in the white space beneath the frames. We went from Auburn Alabama to San Deigo California in just under thirty-six hours, then up the coast, accross Oregon, back down to New Mexico, back up to Boulder, and finally back down and home to Auburn. We made a point to snap a shot every twenty-four hours. There are a few more we took as we ran accross points of interest, twenty-five in all. I've included the original scribblings from the base of the poloroids, and a little context.


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